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Fresh Water Pearls
High quality AAA+ Freshwater pearls 

Sterling Silver 
925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper.

14k Gold Filled
 “Gold-filled” is a USA industry standard that legally requires 1/20th, or 5% pure gold by weight.  It’s a strictly regulated process that involves pressure bonding multiple layers of solid 14k gold with extreme heat over a core of high quality jeweller’s brass resulting in a durable, quality real gold product.

 Hypoallergenic   Nickel Free


Pearls Per Earring
Pearl Size


 Hypoallergenic   Nickel Free


Pearls are delicate and require proper care. Due to the organic nature of a Pearl, caring for them differs from other jewellery. 

Here's a few tips on how to care for your Pearls! 

  1. Wear your Pearls;
    Yes, Wear them! Atleast semi-often!! Pearls were originally born in the water and benefit immensely from absorbing the the natural oils from your skin. So go ahead, put them on - the best Pearl care tip I say!
  2. Wipe your Pearls;Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe your Pearls regularly, this will help prevent any buildup of oils or other substances that may have come in contact with your jewellery throughout the day. If your pearls are visibly stained, you can mix a solution of lukewarm water and mild dish soap, dip a soft cloth in it and wipe the pearls then pat dry. 
    Note: Let the Pearls dry all the way before storing.
  3. Do Not;
    Submerge your pearls in water. Make sure to take your pearl jewellery off before any water based activities such as showering and swimming. The chlorine in the water will eat away at the epoxy securing the pearls to their mountings.
  4. Storage;
    Pearls should be stored away from other objects or jewellery that may scratch their surfaces. Wrap the pearls in linen, soft cotton cloth, or place it in its original cotton pouch on its orginal swing tag. DO NOT store your pearls in an airtight package such as a plastic pouch. Pearls need moisture, If the environment is too dry, the pearls may crack.
  5. Don't Forget;
    To put your pearls on after spraying perfume or hairspray and putting on makeup. Be very careful with chemical substances as they will eat holes in the pearl nacre.

    Keep your Pearls away from Chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics, as these substances will damage the  surface of a Pearl.