Little Tienda

Little Tienda 

Little Tienda was created by Em Dezentje in 2012 with a focus on handmade, fair-trade and slow fashion. Importing unique one off pieces from Mexico to the Australian market - a colourful tale contained in each thread. 

Since 2016, Little Tienda has created beautiful ethically made, limited edition pieces in India. Working with traditional artisans each of our pieces are lovingly hand-made, with generations of tradition and technique in each stitch, rich in culture, alive with passion and heritage.

Em's design ethos is based on creating versatile shapes and pieces that can be worn the year through. Creating a season-less wardrobe that you can add your own style to. Pieces that can travel from dusk to dawn and year to year, that follow you on your journey. Each season connecting to the next, allowing your Little Tienda pieces to never go out of style.

As Little Tienda has grown, we have developed the ethos of 'better not bigger'. Our focus has continued to lean in to what sustainable fashion really means, what fabrics really are the best all the while continuing to work with artisan teams to ensure that those traditions remain current. 

Size Does Not Define Us
Here at Little Tienda I have worked hard to remove those traditional sizing definitions, the result is a new way to label our clothes. Gone are numbers and words that carry different feelings. I want you to wear our clothes feeling uplifted, joyful and knowing that your size doesn't really define you.
So it is a new concept, this is a guide for you to get to know the new way to wear sizes:
Ethereal - previously XS
Stellar - previously S
Magnifique - previously M
Luminous - previously L
Exceptional - previously XL 
Exquisite - previously XXL
Just Right - previously One Size fits Most
As a general rule, I design oversized pieces. Please reach out for more information on specific pieces as needed.
Welcome to a new way to wear clothes, a new way to remind yourself of your magic and a new way to view that glorious body that dances through life with you!