SSAINT Ingredient's & Sustainability


SŚAINT ingredients are organically derived or wildly crafted wherever possible. It is within our values to help re-frame what it means to use synthetic ingredients in fragrance and share with our community the sustainable benefits available of such, when utilising synthetics safely in fragrance.

Through the use of safe synthetics, SŚAINT is able to push boundaries and create unique molecular combinations that are firstly derived from nature and secondly, paired with a scientific approach - innovating beyond the traditional notions of what it takes to create bold, clean and pivotally; safe scents. Safe for you and safe for our world.

Each of our fragrances contain 20% perfume concentrate, are cruelty-free and are without toxic chemicals or harmful elements. See below for full ingredient disclosure.


Sustainability: We inherently believe that it is each of our individual responsibilities to tread lightly upon our planet. We are committed to continually minimising our carbon footprint as far as we possibly can while transparently sharing with our community the journey of each product as it is compounded, filled and shipped all by hand and with love. 

Responsible ingredients: SŚAINT fragrances uses raw essential oils that give each parfum its unique scent, are all ethically sourced, excluding harmful elements and toxic chemicals. 

Natural Constituent – a component of a botanical product (essential oils, absolutes, resins). Listed below as botanical. 

Natural Isolate – a molecule that has been extracted/isolated from a natural source eg by distillation. Listed below as naturally derived.

Nature Identical – this molecule exists in nature but has been produced synthetically. Listed below as skin safe synthetic.

Aroma molecule – a single molecule used in perfumery for its desired olfactive character. Can be a natural isolate, nature identical or novel chemical.


Birch Tar Oil Botanical
Cedarwood Oil Botanical
Coriander Oil Botanical
Davana Oil Botanical
Elemi Resinoid Botanical
Lavender Oil Botanical
Myrrh Oil Botanical
Olibanum Resonoid Botanical
Patchouli Oil Botanical
Amyl Cinnamyl Aroma Molecule
Benzyl Alcohol  Skin safe synthetic
Benzyl Benzoate  Skin safe synthetic
Coumarin Skin safe synthetic
Eugenol Naturally derived
Constituent of Lavender Oil, Davana Oil, Elemi Resinoid & Coriander Oil
Constituent of Lavender Oil, Coriander Oil & Davana Oil



Bay Oil Botanical
Bergamot Oil Botanical
Cedarwood Oil Botanical
Olibanum Resinoid Botanical
Patchouli Oil Botanical
Vetiver Oil Botanical
Benzyl Benzoate
Constituent of Olibanum Resinoid
Citral Constituent of Bergamot Oil
Citronellol Skin safe synthetic
Eugenol Constituent of Bay Oil
Geraniol  Constituent of Bergamot Oil
Limonene Constituent of Bay Oil, Bergamot Oil & Olibanum Resinoid
Constituent of Bay Oil & Bergamot Oil



Pink Pepper Oil Botanical
Cedarwood Oil Botanical
Clove Bud Oil Botanical
Patchouli Oil Botanical
Benzyl Benzoate Skin safe synthetic
Citronellol Skin safe synthetic
Eugenol Constituent of Clove Bud Oil
Limonene Constituent of Pink Pepper Oil
Linalool Skin safe synthetic



Amyris Oil Botanical
Bergamot Oil Botanical
Cardamom Oil Botanical
Cypriol Oil Botanical
Constituent of Bergamot Oil
Constituent of Bergamot Oil & Cardamom Oil
Hydroxycitronellal  Aroma molecule
Constituent of Bergamot Oil, Cardamom Oil & Cypriol Oil 
Linalool Constituent of Bergamot Oil & Cardamom Oil