Elke Braided Sandal // Walnut
Elke Braided Sandal // Walnut
Elke Braided Sandal // Walnut
Elke Braided Sandal // Walnut

Elke Braided Sandal // Walnut

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The Elke Braided Sandal is a refined, luxe leather sandal designed to be worn with your most loved summer pieces. Hand braided detailing gives this shoe an elegant edge.  

Every pair of La Tribe shoes comes with a custom dust bag. 

- Hand braided straps
- Bovine leather
- Gold metal hardware
- Custom cushioned footbed
- Rubber sole
- Handmade construction

Care Guide

Footwear Care

As a brand, we strive to create wearable luxury by using premium materials to craft our footwear. When using high quality natural materials, there are a few more steps to take to ensure that your footwear lasts to its full lifespan. We suggest taking the time with a little maintenance on your leather shoes to help them last a lifetime. The following care guidelines are to provide information on how to care for and better understand your shoes.

    General Leather Care 

    We recommend investing in a good quality leather conditioner. Keeping the leather well-conditioned helps the leather stay hydrated, as well as buffing away any minor scuffs or scratches.

    Wrapped Leather Soles

    Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces such as sand and gravel as this will erode the leather. Avoid contact with solvents and salts.

    Stretched Leather Soles 

    Using a stretched leather sole provides a luxurious finish and being a soft natural material allows the foot to breath during wear. These are not suitable for heavy duty wear. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces such as sand and gravel as this will erode the leather. If you would like your stretched leather soles to be more durable we suggest seeing your local cobbler who can fit a rubber sole. 

    Rubber Soles 

    Suitable for heavier duty wear. This high performance material is waterproof, less likely to slip and provides a comfortable, durable wear on harder surfaces. Keep clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

    Suede Care 

    Always store suede in the dust bag provided to prevent sun fade and marking. Re-dye black suede using a high-quality suede dye. Consult your local shoe repair store to ensure this process is done with care. All of our suede shoes and boots come pre-sprayed with waterproofing. This helps prevent water marks and general staining, for more extensive suede care we suggest consulting your local shoe repair for any advice they may have on the best products to use to protect your suede shoes.

    Metal Hardware 

    Please take care with perfumes, salt, sunscreens, solvents, moisturisers and fake tan. These products will cause the metal hardware to discolour and erode over time. Store away from light and out of any moisture.

    Please read our care guides carefully to ensure your La Tribe pieces live a long and happy life. Please note that general wear and tear is not covered under warranty.


    Leather shoes will wear naturally over time.
    Avoid wearing in wet weather, as this can cause damage to the leather. If your shoes do get wet, take care when drying and do not use a heat source to dry them. Dry in a well ventilated, airy location and not in direct sunlight.

    Please take care with perfumes, salt, moisturisers, sunscreens and fake tan. These products will cause the metal hardware to discolour and erode over time.


    When storing your La Tribe shoes we recommend keeping your shoes in the dust bag provided when they are not being worn. Ensure they are not flattened so they retain their shape.

    Always store your footwear away from light and heat and out of any moisture.


    To keep the leather area clean, use a dry or slightly damp cloth. We recommend using slow gentle motions when cleaning as to not apply pressure on the leather.

    For full treatment seek professional help from your local cobbler for assistance.